Helen Turrell

I'm the founder of bodyhappy and a personal trainer, dedicating my life to helping hundreds of women improve their health and fitness, to become stronger and more confident.

I've developed the `Bodyhappy System`, a training and lifestyle philosophy based on a set of principles that combined together make a stronger, leaner, happier and more confident you.

I love every aspect of fitness from running marathons, practicing Yoga and Pilates to lifting weights. It's my honest opinion that a combination of all disciplines creates a stonger, more energised, healthy and lean body.

My programmes are flexible so you can choose whether you want to work out at your home, outside or at a local gym. I will teach you the principles of how to train and eat correctly to increase both your fitness and body composition. If you are a complete beginner or you already excercise regularly, my programmes will take you to the next level in your fitness goals.

I'm with you every step of the way.

*Results can not be guaranteed, only achieved through hard work, and may differ with each client

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One to One

One to one training sessions allow us to focus on just one thing, your goals. The aim is to make the sessions fun but productive, supporting you and building your confidence. Sessions are run at a time and place that suits you.

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Train as a Pair

Training with family and friends is the perfect way to keep motivated plus it adds a little healthy competition. Group sessions are great fun and can be extremely productive.


Lifestyle Reset Plan €50

This is a healthy eating diet plan that kickstarts your body into burning fat, improves your health and wellbeing. My scientific based principles promote wellbeing throughout your entire body, improve insulin sensitivity and trigger fat burning.

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Bikini Body Workouts (1 hour)

Fast paced, effective workouts with the primary aim to make you feel confident in your bikini. The workouts will include a variety of techniques and resistance training focusing on lower body, abs, arms, tone and posture. I have designed the workouts to burn fat, build lean muscle and increase tone making you leaner, stronger and quite often an inch taller. Workouts can be performed in or out of the gym and are suitable for all levels

For further information on prices and packages please contact me Here or use the chat link in the bottom right corner to get directly through to me.

I work out of the following gyms, but if you have a preferred gym closer to you please let me know.
  • M13 - Centro Plaza, Sotano 2B in Marbella. (10 minutes walk from Puerto Banus)
  • Max Fitness, Playa Riviera, Mijas Costa.



Six Week Body Transformation

I have developed a six week intensive programme, allowing you to achieve quick results that can be maintained.
Your personalised programme will be based on your training experience, capabilities and lifestyle. I'll bring all of the equipment to your door. Training in house is the perfect time efficient way to train consistently and manage a busy life.

The sessions will consist of different methods depending on your goals using various types of equipment.

As well as your fitness goals we will work together to improve your movement, posture and reduce the likelihood of injury, all of which go hand in hand.

Your diet will massively impact the results you acheive and more importantly how you feel day to day. I will advise you on the best ways to eat healthily to compliment your training plan.

My fat burning workouts, exercise and diet advice are based on scientifically proven theories, using all of the latest information and trends. I constantly update my knowledge and practices to ensure you get the best training experience going.

What You Get...

3 training sessions per week

Improved posture and movement

Lower body fat percentage

Improved cardiovascular fitness

More energy and better sleep patterns

An investment in your future health


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